Meet the Cast


Jeff Beacher

The Walt Disney company started with a mouse, a duck, and a dog. Beacher's Madhouse began with a monkey, a midget, and a hot girl. And, just as Disney couldn't possibly have fathomed in those early days the entertainment empire Mickey, Donald, and Goofy would grow into, no one foresaw the multimedia juggernaut Long Island-native Jeff Beacher's small live theatre show would become. The genius behind what Jeff Beacher has created is taking the very best of twentieth century American entertainment, injecting it with sex appeal, shock, comedy and adrenaline, and repackaging it for a modern, entertainment-starved audience. The Madhouse brand, with its high-energy production, music, dance and choreography, coupled with its outrageous comedy and ever-changing cast of characters, translates seamlessly across all entertainment platforms. This formula for success hasn't been lost on the entertainment industry's powers players. For years they have been ivying for the opportunity to capture the Beacher magic, resulting in a book, movie and several TV shows on Beacher and his Madhouse in the works. Simultaneously, hot on the heels of Beacher's Madhouse beginning a five year, twenty-five million dollar deal at the the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the brand is continuing its growth towards becoming a signature entertainment staple of the twenty-first century, with theaters breaking ground throughout the United States, the Middle East, and Europe as well as the Madhouse Museums. A born entrepreneur who learned to be entertaining as a means for survival, Jeff Beacher is a creative force to be reckoned with - and the whole world is about to know it.


Host Pete Giovine

The original Petey Boy Jones. Part Brooklyn gangster, part used car sales. He makes the guys laugh and the girls scream. Who doesn’t love the funniest emcee in Hollywood?


Amazon Ashley

Beacher's newest break out star! You saw her on the MTV VMA's and in the video for the number one hit single, We Can't Stop. She's Miley's favorite twerker, Amazon Ashley!


Beacher’s Babies

Mix old time elegance with today’s LA sexy and you get the hottest babies this side of a desert maternity ward! These girls bring the glamour to the Madhouse while also trying to juggle their own starstruck Hollywood dreams.


Mini Katy Perry


Mini Miley Cyrus


Mini Miley Cyrus and Mini Robin Thicke


Mini Lady Gaga


Mini Kanye West


Mini Psy


Mini Michael Jackson


Mini Britney Spears


Mini Prince


Mini Whitney Houston


Mini Black Eyed Peas


Mini Hulk

You wouldn’t like him when he’s mad... well, actually you would. Our Mini Hulk is small in stature but big in muscle bound fun!


Micro Chip

Every lady’s fantasy, that is if they fantasized about 3 foot tall naked midgets. These boys bring it for the delight of anyone who likes their presents in smaller packages.


Mini Kombe

Straight from the smallest part of Africa comes the Mini Kombe’s. Shaking and moving to the rhythm of their homeland. These little guys sure know how to get a party going almost as well as they know how to complain for more cash!


World’s Smallest Stripper


Oompa Loompas

Pathological liars, drug addicts and alcoholics. These are actually the good qualities of the always in trouble Oompa Loompa’s. The only time they are not causing a problem is when they are sending the crowds in to a frenzy.


World's Greatest Transvestite Singer

The fiercest, nastiest, most daring “lady” in show business. This girl really has balls! Be careful or she’ll pull them out and show them to you.


World's First Auto-Tune Band

The Rolling Stones of autotune cover bands. They are the hottest band in LA according to themselves. No one rocks Britney tunes harder than these guys.


Hip Hop Violinist

Taking the form of classical violin and turning it on it’s ass, with the hottest sounds in hip hop, dance and rock, our hip hop violinist knows how to rock a party like no one else!


Beacher’s Animals

No Madhouse would be complete with it’s animals....

Beachy The Goat


Fred The Monkey



They bend but never break. These girls can twist themselves into any position you can imagine and whole lot you have no idea about!


Tiny Kiss

The hottest little band in the world, Mini Kiss has rocked audiences all over the country and even had a feud with another group of littles called Mini Kiss!


Beacher’s Mascots


World's Youngest DJ

The world’s youngest dj, who's only 8 years old,  knows how to set it off on the wheels of steel. He was born to rock a party.


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