The History of the Madhouse

The Supper ClubBeacher's Madhouse has been all over the country in the last decade, but originated with Jeff Beacher's comedy shows at the Triad Cabaret Theatre in NYC. The first show to use the Madhouse name was at Madison Square Garden's Paramount Theatre on June 14th, 2002. Beacher used the term Madhouse to describe the feeling one gets while immersed in this strange and exciting environment.

By the summer of 2002, Beacher took his hit variety show to the Supper Club on Broadway. For the next year and a half, every show was sold out. From there, he played one more sold out show in New York at Madison Square Garden's Paramount Theatre before hitting the road to expand his empire.

Trying to figure out his next move, Jeff Beacher flew to Los Angeles. There he met with Jeff Pollack, a successful entrepreneur, writer and producer. After the meeting, the two agreed that Las Vegas, the world's entertainment capital, was the perfect city for a show as outrageous and cutting-edge as the Madhouse.

HardRock BillboardBeacher arrived in Vegas and immediately started meeting with the heads of the top casino hotels. One of those meetings was with the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The Hard Rock was like no other property on the Strip. Their clientele was young, hot, and sophisticated, demanding more than the run-of-the-mill magic show from a washed up Vegas performer. They found exactly what they were looking for in Jeff Beacher and Beacher's Madhouse, making him the first headliner ever at the Hard Rock. The December 30th, 2003 premiere was a star-studded, sold-out phenomenon, turning away thousands of fans.

Ever the consummate showman, Beacher promoted this initial show in Las Vegas by sneaking into the Rain Forest Cafe at the MGM, arrival hotel, dressed as a maintenance worker. He then had a female friend distract security while he proceeded to strip down to a speedo in the middle of the crowded restaurant and belly flop into the 10,000 gallon fish tank.

Key To The CityThis antic made its intended splash and the Madhouse went on to boast five years of consecutive sold-out shows at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, confirming that the Mortons gamble had paid off. Beacher was named The New Mr. Vegas- by Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, Rolling Stone proclaimed him The Best Showman on the Strip, and his show has been featured on every major media outlet. In 2005, Mayor Oscar Goodman awarded him the key to the city of Las Vegas.

Beacher wasn't just selling out shows at Vegas hottest property, he was also building a signature stable of innovate, erotic, and exotic acts. One such act, Mini Kiss, originally performed at Beacher's Madhouse, gaining massive exposure from the shows. Mini Kiss' egos blew up as fast as their popularity, making them impossible to work with as they demanded ridiculous fees and outrageous concessions. In response, Beacher did what any successful businessperson would he built another Kiss cover band with a unique twist, Tiny Kiss, comprised of three little musicians backing up one 300-pound female lead singer.

On April 8, 2006, Tiny Kiss was rehearsing for their first Madhouse appearance when the members of Mini Kiss snuck into their rehearsal, jumped onstage and started a bloody fistfight. Security removed Mini Kiss from the property, but not before the press found out about the incident. The news world was delighted at the battle between the two pint-sized Kiss cover bands. The story quickly spread, becoming the LA Times' most emailed article of all time, and was featured on everything from Jimmy Kimmel to The Daily Show. After months of abuse and public humiliation, Mini Kiss surrendered under the pressure, leaving Tiny Kiss standing tall as the ultimate miniature Kiss cover band.

It's Big BritneyAfter creating a sensation with Tiny Kiss, Jeff Beacher proceeded to satirize another celebrity icon.  Beacher created Mini Britney Spears, a little person version ofthe pop superstar.  With Mini Britney, Beacher was more hands on than ever, personally overseeing everything from the costumes to the choreography. Mini Britney's debut was another monster success for the Madhouse.  For Mini Britney, however, this success filled up her little head with a giant ego as the press and attention turned her into a diva.  As always, this sudden burst of attention led her to make unreasonable demands.

Beacher taught Mini Brit and the rest of his performers a lesson in classic If you want something done right, do it yourself- fashion by dressing himself up and becoming Big Britney, a 350 pound, half-naked, singing and dancing version of the miniature impersonator who left audiences surprised, shocked, and sickened.  He then completely overshadowed her success when Big Britney collapsed at a performance and was transported to the hospital.  Footage from this incident found its way onto the internet, garnering over a million views on the Madhouse's Myspace channel.

When the Morton family sold the Hard Rock Hotel, Beacher decided to end his Las Vegas run by creating one last media frenzy.  As the world watched, Beacher released video and photos of the Abominable Snowman.  The Snowman was discovered just North of Vegas on Mt. Charleston, thousands of miles from its home in Nepal.  Unaccustomed to the desert heat, the Abominable Snowman had passed away by attempting to reach out to his new human friend, Jeff Beacher.  In spite of his relationship with the press, Beacher denied all requests for information in order to protect the Snowman's remaining family, which still reside high in the mountains outside Las Vegas.

Heartbroken over the death of his formerly-frozen friend, Beacher left Vegas and took his show on the road with the nationwide Costume Ball Tour.  For the first time, fans all over the country were able to be a part of the Madhouse, dressing up, participating in wild contests, and experiencing a night once reserved for those lucky enough to get a ticket.

The success of the Costume Ball Tour continued when Beacher joined forces with the Warped and Mayhem tours in the Summer of 2010.  Beacher and his Oompa Loompas further built his following, performing for concertgoers all over the United States and Canada. Ten years, Eighty cities and over a million tickets later, Jeff Beacher decided to take the Madhouse to the epicenter of all things famous Hollywood, California.  The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was a perfect fit for a man whose creation had become the preferred A-list destination for actors, athleters, rock stars and US Presidents.  For Beacher, it would become the home of his new flagship property and greatest accomplishment to date, the Beacher's Madhouse Theatre.

Beacher's Madhouse at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Roosevelt HotelIn 2010, Jeff Beacher signed a five year, twenty-five million dollar deal to open his newest Beacher's Madhouse in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.  This revolutionary Vaudeville-inspired theater elevates the standards of Los Angeles' elite social scene, re-writing the book on theater and nightlife.

The new Beacher's Madhouse Theatre is a tribute to Hollywood's iconic past as well as a giant leap forward into the twenty-first century of entertainment.  Visitors enter through a secret passageway hidden inside of a library bookcase to find themselves surrounded by a selection of stills from Mr. Beacher's personal collection of rare, classic Hollywood photos from the early 1900's.  Proceeding down a hallway lined with antique mirrors, patrons enter the three-thousand square foot showroom designed to resemble a traditional Vaudeville theater.  With twenty banquettes seating over a hundred patrons, including a custom birdcage banquette reserved for VIPs, the spacious room maintains the cozy, luxurious feel of an old-time speakeasy, even when at the capacity of one hundred and seventy guests.  Accented by foot lights shaped like shells and draped in gorgeous red velvet curtains, the stage provides an intimate experience for both performers and spectators.

Hidden Library EntranceAttention to detail isn't limited to the theater's design.  VIPs can access the private underground garage reserved for those guests wishing to stay away from the cameras.  A state of the art sound and lighting system has been installed to provide a completely immersive experience throughout the theater.  Further improvements include three high-resolution video screens and surround sound, making this classic, luxurious theater a high-tech venue like no other.

Parched patrons can order a variety of beverages from either of the two full-service bars.  The first bar is modeled after the original Cinegrill bar from the 1930's, while the other is a spectacle only Jeff Beacher could create.  The mini-sized Midget Bar hosts the first and only Midget Mixologist, where standing room guests can walk up, look down, and order custom Mar-Tinys or 4 inch Mini-Bottles of liquor.  The Midget Bar stands at half the height of traditional bars, with a midget-friendly banquette available nearby for height-challenged guests.

Beacher and MileySeated guests throughout the theater will be treated to the spectacle of having their bottle orders delivered by the world's first Beau Joie Flying Midget Bartenders.  Sailing into the air from behind the Midget Bar and flying through the theater to the guest's table, they descend to deliver the bottle and then wave goodbye to the stunned and amazed patrons as they rise again and fly away.

The Madhouse saw the likes of every A-list celebrity who hit sin city. The over-the-top theatrics were not spared, and the team performed weekly to a sold-out audience. This perfect Las Vegas run upped the ante and set the stage for what was about to come.

Unfortunately, Mr. Beacher quickly realized that Las Vegas was not the healthiest place for him to be. With a cancer scare and weighing over 400 pounds, he realized that obsessively eating, drinking alcohol and gabling could no longer be apart of his life. After losing 200 pounds and also changing his lifestylE, along with support from his friends at the MGM, he decided to change the Vegas plan and only perform one exclusive, special event each month.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel 2016

Flying MidgetAs Mr. Beacher decided he needed a change, his favorite home called him and said came back. After an over the top, state of the art remodel of the theater, both Mr. Beacher and The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel decided to let Jeff finish his health transformation and push the opening date to Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016.

The team is gearing up for the Grand Re-Opening in March 2016, with all new shows and characters (but of course, the world’s only flying midget bartenders remain the same).  Whatever you thought about the Madhouse before will likely be dashed; Beacher plans to change his namesake show every week. Stay tuned for more on the upcoming rebirth of  the Madhouse masterpiece and the reopening of The Beachers Madhouse Theatre at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.